Dear Diary,

It’s that time of the year again for me – the end of the semester. It is about this time that I realize I should save money so that I don’t spend my entire vacation catching butterflies with my empty wallet. There is a way to save money through efficiently going about necessary daily activities. My hostel lodging requires that I pay for some of my utility bills, and being the economist I am, I have devised schemes to effect my super saving sprees, and this year I will let out some of my tactics! 

1. Bathing. You see, to bath means you need to have water, and water, absurdly enough, is not free. But, one must bath, I ( am supposed to say I ) agree. So this is it: bath as often as it rains. Free water, you’re clean, wallet happy, everyone happy.

2. Eating. Did you know that you can probably go about 3 days without food? Sure, not everyone can do it because most people are too weak willed and fat to, but there are ways to cheat even hunger! Firstly, always carry your spoon in your pocket; you never know when you might chance upon your friend eating lunch or dinner. Also, people are generally nicer in the morning. Read: Visit people in the mornings because they eat breakfast and will be less uptight about you mooching. Four Cedis (about $2.50) can get you a decent meal. Four Cedis can get you a week’s worth of Gari (or cassava flakes, for the euphemism inclined). I needn’t tell you the wiser choice.

3. Last but not the least, Electricity. Yes I know electricity isn’t a daily activity but I do use it daily and so I must comment on this. Iron in your friend’s house. Read with your friend’s lamp. Keep your items that need refrigeration in your friend’s fridge. Play your music with your friend’s sound system.

People will not like you very much.

Yours informatively,