Dear Diary,

Ponding /pahn-ding/ |verb| : The act of dragging someone out of his dorm room into a public area, and gathering a large crowd to join you in pouring water and either of oil, soap, garbage, sand, ink, gari, juice, and porridge (it should be noted that this is a non-exhaustive list), on a person simply because it is his or her birthday. Yes. His or her. In Ghanaian society where there are sharply defined gender roles, girls are not exempt from this practice. The word has origins in the fact that people used to be taken and tossed into a pond. 

I have been a bad boy. 

On the 30th of January, I helped pond my neighbor.
On the 1st of February, I started the ponding of my roommate.
On the 4th of February, I ponded my dear friend and classmate. 
Today, I ponded my old high school buddy. 
In retrospect, I generally consider all this a bad move (BUT IT WAS OH SO  VERY,VERY FUN!), for you see my birthday is around the corner. 

… But not everyone knows that.