Dear Diary,

Item 13 /Aye-tehm thur-teen/ *noun*: Food. How the name came about is quite interesting though. Apparently it is popular practice for events organized here to have the time for food and/or refreshments as the thirteenth order of business. So much so that Item 13 has come to stand for food. Some event programs even humorously have “Item 13” written on the agenda rather than “refreshments”.

Now come and let us reason together:

1. Events make  culinary provision for guests.

2. College campus has several events running pretty much all the time.

3. I’m stingy and always hungry.

Needless to say, this plays out very well for me. I just have to endure a function for a few hours and I get to eat for free. My calm words belie my ecstasy.

Miserly and Content,