Dear inanimate diary,

Have you ever had that distinct feeling that it must be Friday when you know for a fact that it actually isn’t? I think I’ve figured out how it works. But before I tell you that story, I must tell you this story:

It is a well known and popular fact that I hate exams. It’s true; I joined the Facebook group. Anyway, so there I was sitting down and hating exams and everything but learning all the same for my mid-semester tests. Yes, I say learning, not revising. Revising would imply that I have previously learnt something. But I digress. I went on to write the last of my tests today and I finally felt relief. I think the whole spirit of ‘Friday’ is found in the mantra “Friday: All my work for the week is done!”. And in a sense it is; I have no lectures to attend till next Monday. Well… more accurately, I will not attend any lecture till next week **folds arms indignantly**.

So today feels like Friday and tomorrow will too. Man I am so bored.