Dear Diary,

I’ve been driven around quite a number of villages and towns in Ghana and in all my adventures into the rustic settlements of the Gold Coast of West Africa, I have made an observation that has yet to be disproved.

Every single town here always has:
1. a guy furiously asleep on a bench
2. two people playing drafts (it’s a board game kind of like checkers)
3. a madman walking to only God knows where
4. a goat

You can check for yourself next time you happen to be taking a bus to Kumasi. And you know it’s true because there’s a mathematical formula for it that I totally did not just make up, despite the incriminatingly blaring heading. 


∀ Ghanaian town population,G(x), ∃ {a, b, c, d} ⇒ G(x) = … + a + b + c + d + …
where a = Guy fast asleep on a bench at any time, t
b = Two people playing a draft game
c = Lunatic freely roaming the road
d = A goat.