Dear Diary,

Some words:

Today I met a bunch of really smart, really inspiring people. People who are great, people who are going to be great. These are people who blog about pertinent issues, people who write thought provoking articles, people who are truly maximizing their literary potential. Reading through some of their online material, I really appreciate the way they address controversial issues and argue down popular misconceptions people have about them. Particularly enjoying, too, is their diction and turn of phrase — pure genius. I am unworthy of the title ‘blogger’; I feel like there is so much I could do to make my blog a much more intellectually titillating experience. I am feeling inspired to write!

The real meaning of the words:

I am unabashedly petty, envious and immature. They make my blog look sucky. Bastards.



[Webcomic courtesy of xkcd ]