Dear Ever Listening Diary,

Diet. “Die” with a ‘t’. You know how I feel about diets — Don’t. Ever. The Dictionary of Cheese (which I totally did not just make up) defines a diet thusly:

Diet /’dī-it/: A medical condition in which one denies himself good and nutritious food. Accompanying tells of this condition: Death and death-like symptoms.

However, the last time I stepped on a scale I found I have put on some unwanted pounds. And as I do not wish to look like this:

Fat guy

I now will have to go on a diet. Balls. -_-

But I can do this, right?  All I have to do is wake up, do some light exercises, cut out on those eggs and have whole wheat breads instead, reduce the amount I eat at lunch, eat dinner earlier and fit in some exercise during the day. Yeah… yeah! I can do this!

… God, I am so hungry right now…

[Image by kind courtesy of fatcatludo]