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Dear Diary,

As I was packing my stuff in my backpack for work today, I saw my umbrella neatly sitting in there. I thought to myself, “I don’t need this. It’s been in here for a good week and I haven’t needed it. It’s as sunny as ever now. Plus, it smells kind of unfriendly.” So I took it out. Then I got stuck in the office as it was raining gondolas outside.

So, I got a bit bored and was trolling on some comment trains online when I decided to play with some nice sellers on Google Trader with my friend and fellow intern, Anonymous233. For those of you unfamiliar with Trader, it’s basically an online market. Post things you’d like to sell on the site, a buyer contacts you if he’s interested. So we basically chanced upon a deal that was too good to be true and decided to inquire further into the deal. This, dear ever-listening diary, is what we got in response for biting:



Thanks for your inquiry.

What brand do you wish to buy from the list given below?

1 Unit of New Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Unlocked) Cost 450 Cedi.
1 Unit of New HTC One XL X325S 16GB Unlocked Cost 510 Cedi.

Shipping & Handling Fee:   75 Cedi
Courier Service: FedEx & DHL
Delivery Time: 48 Hours.
Payment Terms: Bank Transfer or Western union.

How many unit do you want to buy? Also note that we still offer buy 2 get 1 free.

We wait your shipping details such as:

Your Name?

Shipping Address?

Hope to have a long term business relationship with you.


We responded:


First Name : Charles
Last Name : Panford
Address : P.O Box CT xxxx
City : Kumasi
State :n/a
Country : Ghana
phone : +233 xx xxxxxxx

I prefer a Bank Transfer. Can you give me your account details. I pay upon delivery, right?


And he responded:


Here’s our bank account information given below:

Name:   xxx xxx

Bank Name:   xxx

Account Number:  1xxxxxxx

swift code: xxx

Country:  xxx

NOTE: Your order will be ship to you immediately we receive your transfer confirmation details such as your payment attachment slip.

We really hope to have a long term business relationship with you.



Well we could have been wrong, and this could have been genuine (by a very far stretch of the imagination). So we traced the email and confirmed that this was definitely a scam (yay computer science!).

The moral of this story? Trader isn’t so safe. Watch it out there. And fret not, we reported it.



[ Rest In Peace, Trololo Man, Eduard Khill ]