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Dear Diary,

Allow me this opportunity to say: I deeply hate spoilers. For those of unfamiliar with the term, spoiling is the evil and insensitive act of ruining the surprise of a book, show, or story in general. This happens a lot for anime fans like myself because the comics (or manga) are usually pretty far ahead of the TV episode currently airing. For instance:

Someone: Hey, Cheese, do you watch Naruto?

Me: *narrows eyes suspiciously* … Yes, I do.

Someone: Oh cool! You remember when Naruto *spoiler, spoiler spoiler*

Me: @#$!

This kind of thing happens WAY too much and it irks me so. I will say I watch something, someone will interpret it as “he reads the manga and would just loooooooove to discuss how awesome the last edition was”. What. The. Hell.

The last straw was, this one time I joined the waakye (a very popular Ghanaian food, eaten as breakfast or lunch, made from rice, beans, and a spicy sauce of prawn and tomatoes**) queue outside my hostel one afternoon and after about 5 minutes, the guys in front of me started talking excitedly about the Naruto manga.

I wanted to cry.

A little perspective here: the queue to the waakye vendor is always long. You can’t expect to get your food in 10 minutes, even at best. After waiting 5 minutes in the line, you won’t want to go anywhere until you get some waakye.

So, now I keep my headphones with me at all times, tell people I don’t watch whatever show they might be watching and generally avoid all anime conversations. To all the people who have ruined a plot for me: I despise you with great intensity.



** Reference: www.africanfoods.co.uk (Just giving credit for the fancy shito definition)