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Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I actually wrote a post; pray, bear me no animus. I have an interes… well, maybe it isn’t interesting, but I sure as herpes got a kick out of it!

I needed to turn off my freezer because my roommate and I couldn’t pry out our frozen meat as it was completely stuck in ice. We did this.

The freezer was off for so long and we kind of forgot about it since we each had a lot of other things to take care of. Like breakfast. We did this.

Unfortunately for us, all the water and meat juices seeped onto our floor. My closet door being close had absorbed a boatload of the bloody water, but, more importantly, the smell. Oh dear Lord, that awful smell… Sigh. We did this.

So my roommate suggested something wise. “We could unhinge the door, set it out in the sun to dry so that the smell goes away.” I looked at him. I blinked. I blinked again.

I did this:



This was a good day.

Me gusta,



PS. “sure as herpes” is not an accepted idiom, nor is it a particularly wise/sensible one. I strongly advise against its use.